Breast Reconstruction Research Paper

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TRAM Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is surgery to rebuild a breast after having a breast removed as part of cancer treatment (mastectomy). There are many different kinds of breast reconstruction procedures.
TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis muscle) breast reconstruction is one type of a procedure that uses tissue from another part of your body (flap procedure). In this procedure, tissue and muscle from your abdomen are used to reconstruct your breast. There are two types of TRAM flaps:
• Pedicle TRAM flap.
○ The tissue and muscle from your belly stay connected to their original blood supply.
○ The tissue and blood vessels are tunneled under the skin to the chest.
• Free TRAM flap.
○ Abdominal tissue is disconnected
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• Any allergies you have.
• All medicines you are taking, including vitamins, herbs, eye drops, creams, and over-the-counter medicines.
• Previous problems you or members of your family have had with the use of anesthetics.
• Any blood disorders you have.
• Previous surgeries you have had.
• Any medical conditions you may have.
• Any future plans to get pregnant. This procedure may not be recommended for women who want to have children.
• Any history of radiation therapy to your chest.

Generally, this is a safe procedure. However, problems can occur and include:
• Pain.
• Infection.
• Bleeding.
• A collection of blood under the skin, in a body space, or in other tissue (hematoma).
• Scarring.
• Loss of sensation in the breast or donor site.
• A bulging of an organ or tissue through a weak spot in the muscles of the abdomen (hernia).
• Abdominal weakness.
• A breast that looks or feels different than expected.
• Clotting or blocked blood vessels.
• Death of the tissue flap. This would require surgical removal.

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• Plan to have someone take you home after the procedure.

• An intravenous line (IV) will be started in your hand or arm.
• You will be given one or more of the following:
○ A medicine that helps you relax (sedative).
○ A medicine that numbs the area (local anesthetic).
○ A medicine that makes you fall asleep (general anesthetic).
• Your surgeon may mark your breast to plan the incisions and reconstruction.
• The surgeon will remove a section of skin, fat, and supporting structures from your abdomen.
• This tissue will be placed on your chest and shaped into a breast mound.
• Your blood vessels will be reconnected with microsurgery if you are having a free TRAM Flap.
• Your blood vessels will be checked for blood flow (patency) if you are having a pedicle TRAM Flap.
• One or more thin tubes may be put in place to drain the incision sites as you heal.
• The incisions will be covered with a bandage (dressing) and a pressure wrap.
The procedure may vary among health care providers and hospitals.

• You will be given pain medicine as

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