Breast Milk And Baby Formula Essay

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Being a new mother to a newly born baby can be a personal and terrifying concept to grasp. Every mother to be is faced with a dilemma on whether they should breastfeed their baby with their own supplemental milk or use an alternative such as baby formula. Although, breast milk and baby formula are a good source of adequate nutrition, each has its pros and cons.
Breastfeeding may not be for everyone, therefore some complications that can arises for a first time mother. There are alternatives forms in feeding a baby. Infant formula is a commercially prepared substance that is used to substitute breast milk. This alternative contains vitamins and nutrients that an infant need that is similar to natural breast milk. With infant formula, there are benefits that are not provided that breastmilk would. With commercially made formula, infants would lack the antibodies that is naturally passed on to the infant that breast milk would have provided. It cannot provide the added protection that an infant may need to fight against infections and illnesses. With the lack of not passing antibodies and protection from mother to infant, frequent visits to the doctor’s office may be a financial issue. Babies that are formula fed are more likely to suffer digestive problems.
Infant formula can be an option to a new mother because of the convenience it has. Depending on the lifestyle of the mother, an infant can be cared for by a caregiver and fed formula. Unlike breastmilk, which…

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