Essay Breast Feeding Is Best

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Breastfeeding is Best
Shannon Kalista
Rasmussen College
September 1, 2014

How a mother decides to feed her baby is one of the first decisions a new mother makes, it is one of the most important investment in her child’s future and can give the baby the best start in life. Breast milk is packed with the perfect mix of vitamins, protein, and fat (Dermer 2001). It is the only natural food designed for your babies. Breastfed babies receive vital vitamins and nutrients from breast milk, it is packed with disease fighting substances that can protect babies from illness, all mother should chose to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding improves infant’s general wellbeing, it also decreases the risk for a large amount of acute and chronic
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A mother’s health if often overlooked after a baby has been born, but breastfeeding is just as healthy for mother as for babies. Just like babies, there are many short and long term health benefits for mothers. The suckling of the baby releases oxytocin from the mother’s pituitary gland that releases signals to the breast to release milk, but it also produces contractions in the uterus that prevent postpartum hemorrhage and promote the uterus to return to the no pregnant state (Dermer 2001). The production of milk is a metabolic process; it uses 200 to 500 calories per day. Breastfeeding mothers clearly have an extra edge on losing weight gained during pregnancy (Dermer 2001). The weight loss, improved blood sugar control, and good cholesterol you achieve while breastfeeding pay off later with lower risk of heart problems, hip fractures, and menopause. Breastfeeding is much more than just nutrition and protection from disease. Breastfeeding provides a unique interaction between mother and baby. It provides a skin to skin contact that non breastfeeding mothers cannot duplicate. Mothers who breast feed are more unlikely to develop postpartum depression (Dermer 2001). Many mothers decide to breastfeed solely on the nutrition of the baby, but continue to breastfeed longer for themselves. There are more reasons than just health issues breastfeeding can achieve. It is no secret that babies are expensive. Breastfeeding significantly reduces or even

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