Essay on Breast Feeding And Bottle Feeding

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Breast feeding and bottle feeding has three main differences and they are, health benefits, cost, and convenience. This is the most important thing a mother has to decide after they give birth to their baby is which one they are going to do. However, both are great, they are different. Their differences can affect the mother’s decision on what she chooses to do. Breast feeding babies has many health advantages to the baby, but also to the mother compared to bottle feeding babies. Breastfed milk is custom made so therefore, it is cleaner and more pure. It also contains less sodium, which helps the baby kidneys to handle it better. Babies have very sensitive digestive systems which makes it harder on them to swallow things. Breast milk goes down easily because it is a smooth milk. Also, you do not have to worry about your breast milk becoming sour. Diaper rashes are very common in babies however, when they are breast fed the rashes are less likely to occur. Claire Wilson and Catherine de Lange conducted a comparison between breast fed babies and bottle. She found that babies who are fed by the breast are less likely to develop weight problems. Diabetes and cancer. The mother’s breast milk has strong antibiotic’s that can fight off sickness for the child. Also, the mother can rub a drop of breast milk onto a cut or sore on a baby to help it heal. When babies are breastfed they build a stronger mouth which can help prevent the baby from wanting a pacifier later in life. “Even…

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