Breast Feeding Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

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Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding and bottle feeding to find which is better

This piece of writing is going to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of breast and bottle feeding to find which method is better. By researching the information that is available then there should be a definitive answer to the question that has been asked. This essay will be looking at both methods, providing both advantages and disadvantages of breast and bottle feeding to conclude which method is better for both mother and baby. When it is looked into, both methods have their advantages. With breast feeding, one of the most important things that a mother can do after a baby is born is bond with it, and breast feeding
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If a mother is breastfeeding, she must also watch what she is eating, as what she eats is passed on through her breast milk and may also cause upset stomach or even diarrhoea in the child as their digestive systems are weaker than that of an adult. Foods that the mother may miss out on include spicy foods and even chocolate, which can both have an adverse effect on the baby’s stomach and faeces. Breast feeding for a mother can be quite uncomfortable if doing it for the first time, as it does take a little while to get used to. The mother can become very tired and fatigued from breast feeding, as when a baby is born, they need to be fed every few hours during the day and may awake on numerous occasions throughout the night for feeding, which can strain the mother if they have a busy schedule such as work or looking after other children. Although breast milk can be pumped and available for the baby, again, this can be just as strenuous on the mother. With bottle feeding, bottles can be made in advance, which can be helpful with night feeds, as the bottles can be warmed up when needed, and can be quite convenient for a busy mother. It also means that anyone can awake to feed the baby, such as the father, allowing the mother to rest if she needs to. Mothers can

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