Breast Cancer Speech Outline Essay

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Topic: Breast Cancer
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about breast cancer
Pattern of Organization: Topical Order

A. Attention Grabber: I’m sure many of you know of or have heard of Giuliana Rancic. Well if not, she is a news anchor for the tv channel E! and often co-hosts red carpet events such as the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. Giuliana is a very busy and successful woman and on top of everything that she juggles, last October she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon after finding out that Giuliana had cancer, she underwent a lumpectomy, which was unsuccessful in getting rid of all the cancer cells. Following that she was faced with a very painful surgery called a double mastectomy along
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b. Clinical trials on the other hand are approved research studies that some doctors have a strong potential to treat and cure cancer.
• Clinical trials tend to be less expensive due to the fact that the patient is contributing to their research
3. Treatments are used on patients that have cancer in stages 1-3.
4. Stages 1,2,3A and some 3C:
a. Most common for stages 1 and 2, is a breast conserving surgery such as a lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy.
b. Along with the surgery, some women even have their lymph nodes underneath the armpits removed.
5. Stages 3B and some 3C:
a. Patients will start off with Chemotherapy first with the possibility of shrinking the tumor.
b. If shrinking occurs then a mastectomy will be preformed which is a surgery that removes the whole breast.
6. Stage 4 and recurrent:
a. Treatment is typically based on where the cancer returns.
b. If located in the chest or breast tissue, chemo, radiation or surgery may be necessary.
c. If located in bones, liver or other areas then hormone therapy, radiation or targeted therapy may be the best option.
d. If the cancer reaches stage 4, it is understood by the patient that treatments are less likely to get rid of the cancer and more so to help the patient live a longer life.

I. Reinforce the central idea: (Summarize main points): Today I’ve informed you on what breast cancer is, how to detect it and

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