Essay on Breast Cancer Screening At Early Age

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In the United State of America, breast cancer screening starts at early age. According to American cancer society guideline, there is clinical breast exam or self-breast exam available for 20-30 years old americans every three years and once a year for over 40s. Mammogram is recommended every year starting from 40-year olds until they are in good health. The screening process is mainly through health insurance. However, there are also funding aids for low income and uninsured women through National breast and cervical cancer early detection program.
In the UK, national breast cancer screening programme commenced in 1988 ( NHS breast screening programme, 2012) and 50-64 years old british women are invited every three years to check by clinical examination and mammography. From 2005 to the present, the programme has extended to 50-70 year olds being invited. In some areas, there are some trials to test from 47-73 years old women. For the women who are younger than 50 years and has family history of breast cancer, NHS recommends to have digital X ray mammogram or MRI scan yearly as the mammogram cannot detect well younger people due to dense breast tissue ( NHS breast screening programme, 2012). Every british woman has free access to NHS breast screening program. However, the private primary health care level is not generally available ( WHO cancer country profile, 2014). In addition, some people are not invited as soon as they turn to 50 that there is a variation of…

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