Breast Cancer Essay

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The World Health Organization (2016) has defined cancer as a term used to describe a large group of diseases which may affect any body parts including the brain, lung, bone, lymph node, and liver. By nature, our body controls the creation, growth, and death of cells. Cancer begins when cells do not die in a normal state (Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. , 2016) and when the abnormal cells are created rapidly and divide in an uncontrolled way. These excess cells then grow and form a tumor. A tumor can then become benign, which means it is not cancerous, or malignant, the cancerous type. Cancer in the breast thus begins when cells in the breast divide and grow uncontrollably. And the acceleration of growth of the cancerous tumors is triggered due the hormones and chemicals present in the body (National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., 2016).
Basically, breast cancer spreads throughout the lymph system which consists of the lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and lymph fluid. Breast cancer cells enter the lymph vessels and start to grow in lymph nodes. Most breast, lymph vessels drain into lymph nodes either under the arm or the axillary nodes, around the collarbone or the supraclavicular and infraclavicular lymph nodes, or inside the chest near the breast or what is referred
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Symptoms may include a lump or thickening in the breast either inside or near the breast or in the underarm areas. It is also detected when there is a change in the size or the shape of the female breast, presence of dimple or puckering of the skin, and when nipple turned inward towards the breast (PDQ® Adult Treatment Editorial Board, 2016). Another symptom is when fluid, other than milk, comes out of the nipple and when the areola turns scaly, red or swollen. For early detection, breast self-exams and mammography can help find breast cancer early (U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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