Breast Cancer : Education Is Vital Essay

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Breast Cancer: Education is Vital

Every nineteen seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the world, yet controversy still surrounds the issue of breast cancer education and recommendations for screenings ( Four top organizations have introduced different recommendations on breast cancer screening, although proposed treatment plans are similar, the issue still persists. Educating women of all ages, ethnic and social backgrounds is significant because there are many misconceptions on breast cancer screening that has instilled fear in many women, causing them to forego any type of screening or testing. Therefore, would improved educational resources impact breast cancer screening compliance, leading to earlier detection, thus improving overall survival rates of breast cancer patients? In-depth education is significant in relation to breast cancer survival rates based on the ability to reduce anxiety and common misconceptions related to screening processes and improving compliance.
The research will show that improved education and guidance from cancer professionals could be beneficial to many women so they are aware of their options and able to make informed decisions in the process. The earlier a cancer is detected increases the rate of survival in most cases. The risks for acquiring breast cancer increase with age, therefore proving the necessity for compliance with screenings, which include breast self-examinations monthly, clinical breast…

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