Breast Cancer And Its Effects On Women Essay

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There are over two hundred types of cancer. (Professor Walkowicz) More than seven million people world-wide die every year from this terrible disease. (Professor Walkowicz) Over sixty percent of cancer is preventable but how do these statistics change when compared with gender? Is the mortality rate disproportional when it comes to sex? According to recent reports men are more likely to get cancer and die of cancer than women. For example, according to data compiled by Cancer Research UK, men were sixty percent more likely to get cancer and seventy percent more likely to die of cancer when it comes to cancers affecting both men and women. (1) However, cancers specifically associated with one sex almost exclusively like breast cancer showed different results. Across all cancers the risk drops to men being forty percent more likely to get cancer than women. (1) Women show a significantly smaller risk of cancer and better survival rates than their male counterparts, but why is that?
One explanation for this gender gap when it comes to cancer is lifestyle. Men have greater exposure to risk factors like smoking and drinking. (1) They also are less likely to see a doctor at signs of an illness and will often ignore symptoms. (1) This may be due to the norm that men are supposed to be tough and not need the help of a doctor. (1) Whether it is societal pressure or stubbornness, the point when cancer is diagnosed is paramount in not only fighting cancer but surviving it and staying…

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