Breast Cancer : An Unmanageable Growth Of Breast Essay

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Before completely understanding this topic as a whole, it is essential to understand the background knowledge that the US has uncovered over the years. Breast cancer is an unmanageable growth of breast cells due to mutations of the genes. The mutations are a result of random mutations over generations or side effects from objects or tasks today. This disease affects more than just women’s breasts; it may also affects lymph nodes and could possibly spread to other parts of their body if they do not go see their provider soon enough or the type of cancer cannot be controlled. Breast cancer has numerous types, ranging from curable to incurable. Along with the various types of breast cancer there are five stages, ranging from 0-4 with many different criteria’s and sublevels. The first stage is stage 0, which is cancerous cells are present in the breast duct, however it is not invaded anything yet “What is Breast Cancer”. This is the very beginning and there are no signs of cancer yet due to the cells not invading anything yet. The next stage is stage 1, which is split into categories A, and B. Stage 1A is the tumor is no larger than 2 cm long and strictly in the breast sac. While stage 1B is more complex, it is either a large group of cancer cells ranging from .2 to 2 mm in the lymph nodes and no tumor in the breast sac, or a tumor that is no bigger than 2 cm long in the breast sac and a large group of cancer cells ranging from .2 to 2 mm in the lymph nodes “What is Breast…

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