Essay on Breast Cancer : A Malignant Tumor

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Breast Cancer
What is breast cancer , how do you get breast cancer, can breast cancer kill you, can it be cured, if so what are the treatments, and how long do these treatments last ? Breast Cancer is a malignant tumor that appears in the Male and Female. Tthis tumor can kill you because it spreads into your whole body. Iit produces more and more cells inside of you and thiseses cells stay inside the tumor.
These tumors stay in you body for years., Yyou can feel it inside your body growing and moving to differents parts of your body but this tumor will not hurt unless you keep messing with it ;because you can feel these tumors and move them around inside of you., you It can cause for the tumor to feel bumpy and start to grow big.feel a little bump and when its really big you can feel the big tumor. Aalthough it does not matter how big this tumors is the tumor is always gonna keep growing bigger and bigger until you get it removed., and Tthis tumors can be removed but if the tumor gets really big or if the cells inside the tumor had already spread all over your body then you can 't remove the tumors. there’s nothing to do. Tthe doctors cannot remove the tumors, because you may have the risk of dying and the reason why they can 't remove the tumor is because is not only one tumor, there’s many cells inside the tumor and the cells keep spreading and make new tumors inside your body., Tthese tumors and cells most of the time spread in the lungs. But what many people…

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