Breast Cancer : A Malignant Tumor Essay

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Breast cancer can be generally described as a malignant tumor in breast cells. There are two types of breast cancer. It can either being to form in the milk-producing glands, lobules, or in the ducts of that carry milk to the nipple. Cancer that forms in the lobules is lobular carcinoma while cancer that develops in the milk ducts is ductal carcinoma. The lobules and ducts of the breast are spread throughout the adipose and fibrous tissue that make up the majority of the mass of the breast. The cancer can spread if the breast cells move to other parts of the body through lymph or blood vessels. About 12% of women in the United States, or 1 in every 8, will develop breast cancer in their life. It was estimated that in this year alone, there would be 246,660 new cases of invasive cancer diagnosed in women. However, it is very rare in men that less than one percent of all breast cancer cases pertain to the development of this malignant tumor in a male. After grouping breast cancer cases by race and ethnicity in 2013, it was confirmed that white females had the highest rate of developing breast cancer in their lifetime followed by African Americans and Hispanics. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women worldwide and the most fatal out of all cancers.
In most breast cancer cases, the cause in unclear. However, there are many risk factor can lead to it. The cause is sometimes so uncertain that women with many risk factors don’t develop the cancer and women…

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