Breast Cancer : A Malignant Tumor Essay

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AbstractBreast cancer is a malignant tumor that developed from breast cells. It usually starts in the inner lining of the milk ducts and can spread to other parts of the body. There are several signs and symptoms of breast cancer. A lump in breast tissue is one of the first signs or symptoms of breast cancer. In recent years, breast cancer has been slightly increasing among African-American women, while remaining stable among white women. There has been a slight increase of breast cancer in men, in the past 30 years.A self-exam can lead to the detection of a lump in the breast which will require further investigation. A mammography, an ultrasound or a biopsy can be used to determine a true diagnosis of breast cancer. Early detection is very important.Because each breast cancer patient is unique, it’s important for patients to work with their medical team to determine their individual needs. Breast cancer treatment includes local treatment, systemic treatments and typical treatment. As with most medications, patients may experience side effects following breast cancer treatment. The costs associated with treatment can be a financial burden for some patients and their families, even with health insurance (, April 7, 2016). Breast cancer can have a significant impact on the family as well as the patient. The family member or friend may need support or advice about how they can help their loved one who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.Breast…

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