Breast Cancer : A Common Cancer Essay

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Breast cancer is a very common cancer and most people know someone who has been affected by this nasty disease. However, more and more women have been deciding to have a double mastectomy as part of their treatment even if they are at low risk to develop cancer in their other healthy breast. Some consider this a safe smart decision while others think that these women may be overreacting. In Double or Nothing the author Ginny Graves gives us the facts and opinions from doctors and survivors and their thoughts of a double mastectomy. When women are diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time many of them want to have a double mastectomy. They haven’t heard the options or other treatments but their mind already jumps to having both breast removed. This is caused by worry and most women think that if both breast are removed then there is no chance that the cancer could ever come back, which can be true in some cases. In some cases, other treatment options would work just as well as a mastectomy and they wouldn’t have to have the complex surgery. It all depends on the type of cancer and how aggressive it is. When women are diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast that is not very serious and not very aggressive, they shouldn’t have to worry about the other breast. However, many women think that the odds of developing a form of deadly cancer in their other breast is around 30 percent when it is actually only 4 to 5 percent. These statistics show that having both…

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