Breaking Up : A Significant Milestone For The Vast Majority Of Human Beings

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The Three Ones A significant milestone for the vast majority of human beings in today’s society is to look to share a romantic relationship with someone. Even when a person isn’t looking for a mate, someone shows up and persuades the other person in which they later find themselves in love or simply committed. In many cases, the first couple of months, or even years, can be the best ones. Then for the unfortunate ones, those months or years can be trial runs. Breaking up is hard to do for some people. There are different scenarios, situations and reasons for it. Relationships fail for countless reasons but the methods of ending them have been commonly used depending on who is doing the break up. Narrowing it down to the “Honest Ones”, the “Inflamer Ones” and the “Shy Ones”. An Honest One might be compared with the idiom “just rip the band aid off”. One partner being honest with the other, being straight forward, and leaving no doubt that the relationship is over. The Honest One gets straight to the point and they give closure, they might even lose complete contact with the person. This type of method seems to be for someone who is strong hearted. This individual wastes no time, and wouldn’t carry a relationship longer than necessary. For example, the Honest One can sit their partner down, face to face, and express their feelings. The Honest One will let the partner know he or she is ending the relationship and there is no going back. One can appreciate this…

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