Essay about Breaking The Law Is A Hobby For Many Young Adults

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Breaking the law is a hobby for many young adults. Underage drinking is just one broken law of many. The Prohibition was a time during the 20th century where alcohol was banned from the US. Even during the 20th century, breaking the law was a form of entertainment. The Prohibition led to speakeasies popping up all over. Speakeasies were secret businesses that served alcohol. They had a guard at the door to warn the business when they were in danger which will then lead to the business preforming certain mechanisms to transform the place into a normal nonalcoholic business within seconds. The Prohibition failed to ban the sale of alcohol so what makes law makers believe anyone will follow this rule. Now do not get me wrong, there are plenty of people who follow this rule, but when put to the test most teens will reach for an alcoholic beverage rather than a non alcoholic choice. If the drink is there and the supervisors, if any are present, aren 't watching or caring, then what would stop a teen from grabbing that alcoholic beverage? Lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 would be a great step in preventing binge drinking and possibly even lower the DUIs and car accidents caused by drinking.
Regardless of what the drinking age is set at, young adults are still going to drink alcohol. Lowering the drinking age in america would allow more people to drink in a business like setting that can result in a raise in profit for these such businesses. This would benefit the…

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