Essay on Breaking The Dark, By Toni Morrison

1228 Words Sep 12th, 2015 null Page
Toni Morrison, in her novel Playing in the Dark, brings up many arguments about today’s American literature, asserting that this world is a “genderized, sexualized, wholly racialized world” (4). She makes commentaries on how Africanism is being used as a way to keep power exclusively to the whites who are far more “superior,” and yet perpetuates Africanist traits as “exotic” and further objectifying the already-marginalized group. Most people nowadays avoid the topic of this racism, hoping that it will go away if they don’t bring it up. However, she argues that by avoiding racism, one is being racist. Just as in many of her other arguments, she is definitely correct about this topic. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, racism is defined as the “racial prejudice or discrimination,” and so a simple dislike of a person due to the color of their skin can still be considered to be racism. While difficult to discern the line at which these personal prejudices intersects personal preference in some cases such as in a dating scene, racism is still a definite problem that many people face each day of their lives. Serious racial hate crimes can be found everywhere in US news, anywhere from cold blooded murder to a simple verbal attack. According to King’s article, there were “between 20-30 anti-Muslim hate crimes a year” before 9/11 but increased to 500 right afterwards. It has been 14 years since the terrorist attacks happened on the World Trade Center in New York.…

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