Breaking Taboos In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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“Romeo and Juliet”, a history of two lovers who deal with the difficulties of time, is one of the richest textual records of human history. Shakespeare one of the astonishing western writers, creatively and smartly tell us a story of two lovers who aimed to break a negative practice of a society, they aimed to break a taboo. Although changing a society does require a long range of change and reform. Romeo and Juliet, two brave teenagers, aimed to break the chain of taboo by getting married despite their families did not have consent on the issue. This story remains of such a change in Afghanistan. In this paper I would briefly describe the possible social impact of “Romeo and Juliet” story on the issue of breaking taboos in a society.
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As we can read in story, Juliet’s father wanted to marry her daughter with another man, which was against the will of her daughter. This was a social issue which was described by Shakespeare which is still a big problem for many countries. In Afghanistan, as a good example of this issue, people strictly follow the social norm and tradition. In most of Afghanistan, girls do not have any part in marriage decision-making. In some cases, girls will marry at the day they born base on her family consent with groom’s family. If we don’t generalize this issue, in some part, mostly major cities, families ask their girls to decide about the age they want to marry and the person they want to marry with. American University of Afghanistan is one of the places where people have broken the chain of taboo. We have a number of couples who were in relation with each other before marriage and base on two parties consent they have married.
In many cases of suicide and self-immolation among women, one of the main reasons and intentions of committing suicide is force marriage. Juliet dared and accepted the consequences of her actions by not following the social norms but in Afghanistan girls mostly will not accepted by their parents if she return to her family for divorce. It is considered as a shame to family and the girl is forced to stay in her husband’s home. At the end of the story Juliet kill scarifies herself for her love but in Afghanistan girls scarifies themselves to rescue from torture of

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