Essay on Breaking Point By Ha Jin

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Brenda Vo
Ruth Schenk
English 101B-12
11 September 2014
Breaking Point
Literature is moving. It is strong, and often leaves a lasting affect on those who are exposed to it. It can be a book, a play or even unfinished stories, but it is always described as written works that provoke emotion and have some merit. While literature can be the turning point of a writer’s career, in unison, it can be a life changing experience for the reader as well. Although it may be complex, literature can be broken down and stories or written works can be categorized as literature based on certain elements they may or may not contain. Literature is composed of elements such as plot, symbolism, setting, and themes. In the book “Literature a Portable Anthology”, a selection of shorts stories are compiled together. Of the stories, “Saboteur” by Ha Jin is a prime example of literature. Irony, foreshadowing, and plot structure are three very evident forms of literary elements in the story, and these prominent elements prove the story to be a work of literature.
Plot in any written work is very important. It gives reason, background, conflict and much more, which in turn helps to form and mold the story. “Saboteur” is a story of power, anger and deception, and begins when a teacher, Mr. Chiu. He and his newlywed bride are sharing a lunch while waiting for their train. This particular scene of the story is where the plot line begins. Mr. Chiu, his wife, and the policemen are all introduced as…

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