Breaking Out The Cocoon And Becoming A Free Beautiful Butterfly

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Relationships are like roller-coaster you start off slow and then you begin hiking up the steep mountain, soon you reach the top now your free falling enjoying the ride, but what do you do when the roller-coaster comes to an end and it’s time to exit the cart? Have you ever had troubles cutting the string that’s attached to the perfect match that recently burnt out? Or had many failed attempts to walk away from the past? Here are my steps on breaking out the cocoon and becoming a free beautiful butterfly.
Before attempting the BIG chop grab a blank sheet of paper and a permanent marker. The permanent marker is to show you how inerasable your decision at the end would be. Make a straight line down the center of the paper and each sides of the paper write bad and good. Each side represents the good and the bad in your partner. Now if the good outweighs the bad, you’re just upset and should talk and work it out with the person. But if the bad outweighs the good you should follow my steps to bring an unhealthy relationship to a healthy ending.
Most people make a huge mistake when they try to break up with their partner; they tend to send mix signals. Examples of the mix signals people often send, there affectionate the day before the bad news, or they consistently still say “I love you”, etc. STEP ONE: Understand this process would not be easy for the both of you, remember not only is it going to be hard for you it’s going to be twice as hard for the other person.
Before we…

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