Breaking Of Silence Theme

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break this bondage she fails to do so because they have to reside in within the society.
Mohan expects from Jaya that she also should be silenced and suppressed like his mother. But when she adopts the strategy of aloofness and silence, he burst out at this behaviour of Jaya. The constant and repeated references to ‘silence’ in the novel show that not only in the case of Jaya but also for others silence had been a protest as well as a strategy for survival. For example –
“As we were silent’ (TLS 19); So many subjects were barred that the silence seemed heavy with uneasiness (TLS 27); we went back to our silence (TLS 28); But the words remained unsaid. I knew his mood was best met with silence (TLS 78); But I said nothing. It was so much
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The role of Kamat- Jaya’s neighbor in Dadar flat in this regard is very precious because of him Jaya gets an opportunity to vent out her feelings and thoughts. The long silence under Mohan shatters with the presence of Kamat. Breaking of silence by Jaya and introspection on her life is only possible because of Kamat. The unfavorable atmosphere of her married life gets a suitable ambience with Kamat. But the sudden death of Kamat again put her into deep silence. After her experience with Kamat, Jaya sees the woman relationship in a clearer …show more content…
By narrating the horrible experiences of the past, Jaya has broken a silence continued from the previous seventeen years of marriage. The silence is not Jaya's alone but of all Indian women of the past, present and possibly the probable future. The word 'silence' has been used again and again in a variety of contexts and with different persons, but always with reference to suffering.
After seventeen years of playing out her many-faceted role of a loyal life and tireless mother, the isolation becomes deafening. Jaya's loneliness is further highlighted as she ponders over the essential isolation of the human condition. In her ever attempt Jaya fail to prove her talent. The writing career of Jaya is also smashed by Mohan as he objected to the theme of story. So silently she has to step back from her talent as a writer. There is deep dilemma in her mind the writer in her demands her to share her views and experiences before the society but the housewife demands silence on her part. To Mohan, Jaya as a writer is only a status symbol. She started writing again what people want to read not what she wanted to write under the pen name “Seeta.” The pen name chosen by Jaya itself speaks that she accepted to mould herself to the traditional role of a good wife. Her stories based on women and to satisfy Mohan’s male ego she restricted her self- expression

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