Breaking Down The Afterlife Of Clothing Essay

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Breaking down the Afterlife
The Afterlife of clothing is very important to society. Many people do not stop to think about what happens to their clothes after they donate, recycle, or trash them. When Americans discard a piece of clothing we usually do it one of two ways. We send it to Goodwill thinking that it will be resold to someone in need, or if it 's shockingly torn or stained, we throw it away assuming that the lifetime treasures of the garment has past. As consumers we should be very aware of these things because the best alternatives are either recycling or donating. “Common sense and everyday experience tell us that we have so much clothing that a majority goes underused and neglected. According to a 2010 national survey in ShopSmart magazine, one in four Americans women own seven pairs of jean, but we only wear four of them regularly (OverDressed 121.)”. That goes to show that there is much neglect in our wardrobe. Many people donate items that has not even been worn. This is a prime example of how the average American overloads on unnecessary clothing.

Life as A Donor
Donating clothing can be looked upon as a very generous thing. Various donors do not understand the process behind donating. “All clothes donated do not get worn, only about 10 percent of the clothes stay at the charitable institution, and the other 90 percent is sold by the charitable institution to textile recycling firms (ACCRA, GHANA 2006)”. Therefore, if you donate about 20 garments to an…

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