Breaking Dawn-Part 1 Analysis

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Breaking Dawn-part 1 is the long anticipated fourth movie in the Twilight Saga. It hit theatres November 18, and has already grossed millions of dollars at the box office (‘Box Office Charts”). Twilight Saga fans have long anticipated Bella and Edward’s wedding, which takes place in the film Breaking Dawn –part 1. Reviews have been pouring in from critics and viewers, both having very different opinions about the film. Many of critics reviewed that the film Breaking Dawn-part 1 spent too much money on make-up and the way the characters looked and not enough on the special effects of the film. Critics have focused too much on this aspect of the film and by doing so; have left out the major criteria that should be taken into consideration when critiquing a film. A film review should include a target audience, a personal opinion, a plot summary, an overview of the filmmakers and performances, the technical features, and a final evaluation. Melissa Hanson, a critic for the website Movie Buzzers, gives a poor review over Breaking Dawn-part 1. Melissa Hanson, like many of the other critics who reviewed Breaking Dawn-part …show more content…
Hanson does not spend enough time throughout her review on the music in the film, which is a very important aspect of a film review. By not going into much depth or detail about the music in Breaking Dawn-part 1, Hanson fails to give an effective review. In the review, Hanson says that the music was only used “to promote the soundtrack,” and was very “distracting” throughout the movie (Hanson, par. 6). She fails to go into detail on why the music was “distracting” or how the music could have been used in a different way in the film. Hanson also fails to explain how the music was only used to “promote the soundtrack.” Hanson’s failure to explain the music in Breaking Dawn-part 1 was one of the many reasons on why she gave a poor review over the

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