Essay on Breaking Cinem Theme Analysis

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Breaking Cinema Podcast – Theme Music Brief
I have made this brief as concise and as informative as possible, but if there are any queries do not hesitate to contact me.

Something different
There are plenty of film/cinema podcasts out there which have romantic/nostalgic styles of theme music, and that is fine for their podcasts.
However, for the Breaking Cinema podcast I am looking for a piece of music that very much embodies the divergent themes and aesthetics of the overall project…
Breaking with established conventions while still being interlaced with elements of those conventions.

A brief overview of the Breaking Cinema podcast
Breaking Cinema is an open-format podcast that interweaves various points of view, discussions, projects and case-studies in order to consider and pull apart the problems and potentials of the art-and-business form that is now diverging far beyond the parameters of its traditional cinematic paradigm.
Appreciation and nostalgia for cinematic heritage form strong components, but - from cave art to YouTube – Breaking Cinema’s primary agenda is to consider a much bigger picture by challenging established thinking, exploring current entrepreneurial trends and proposing new conventions of audio-visual storytelling and immersion.
The ultimate objective of the podcast is to inform and inspire new and old creative practioners to embrace the fast expanding networking revolution that is breaking cinema.
Currently, 14 episodes have been recorded.

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