First Breakfast Meal Analysis

The first breakfast recipe we are going to teach you is the paleo sausage and egg
‘McMuffin’ which resembles the McMuffin you can get from McDonalds. The dif- ference between the McDonalds version and this version is that this version is healthy. McDonald’s food may taste nice but it is very unhealthy. This recipe shows you how to make a delicious meal without having to worry about the health risks.
So here’s what you need to make this first delicious breakfast meal: –––––––– 2 table spoons of ghee, divided, plus some extra for the biscuit cutters.
¼ pound bulk raw breakfast sausage. 2 large eggs.
Kosher salt.
Black pepper.
¼ cup of water.
This one is optional. 1 heaping tablespoon of guacamole.
That’s all you will need,
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Now you are ready to eat your creation! If you would like you can put a big spoon of guacamole inside. I hope you enjoy this first delicious meal! If this one isn’t to your taste maybe the next one will be!
The next breakfast meal is.... Grain-free carrot waffles! Who doesn’t love waf- fles! Here's what you will need.
Coconut milk
Sounds lovely already! Let’s get down to making it. 1.Dissolve the yeast in warm coconut milk then leave it to cool for a while.
3.While that’s cooling grate the carrots with a fine mesh and squeeze the ex- cess juice. 1.Put the flour, eggs, carrots, cinnamon and the yeast with the milk into a blender. Mix everything until smooth. The dough needs to be a similar thick- ness to the average pancake dough. If it is too thick add some more flour.
Set it aside for an hour to grow. 1.Put the dough into a hot waffle iron, enough to cover the heating surface but not too much so it all seeps out. Cook the waffles then put onto a plate and enjoy! 1.Not everyone likes waffles so if you don’t like either of the recipes so far, don’t worry! There is still a load more throughout this book! Here’s the next one, acorn squash egg-in-the-hole. Here’s what you will

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