Breakfast Club Script

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Until I got the opportunity to read the breakfast club script, I would’ve never had the thought or idea of reading any script for a movie. I feel that I can relate to this script in so many different ways, which makes it so entertaining to watch. “A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal” (MLA) describes the five different characters in this movie. In all high schools, there are different people who hang around in different groups. These characters describe most student groups throughout high school years, which is why teens love this movie because they can relate. Throughout the script, I thought, and read carefully, to see what characters I could relate to the most. The script had some important messages, and reading …show more content…
Each character in the story experiences all of them, and so do all teens. Coming of age means growing up and in the breakfast club, the main characters have to use this theme while dealing with clueless adults that cannot put themselves in their children’s position. Even though they all need to “come of age” at and cannot do anything about it, they are trying to become someone that’s not anything comparable to Richard Vernon. The saying “nobody’s perfects” is a key aspect of the storyline. Nobody’s ultimately happy with who they are as a person. Claire shows this the most when she explains why she hates being popular “I hate going along with everything that my friends say” states, Claire after she admits they won't talk to each other when school starts on Monday. Bender hates being a stoner. Andrew hates having to impress his dad. Brian hates having to make his parents happy with high grades. Alison wants nothing to do with anybody. A lot of teens don’t have a fantastic relationship with their parents. Benders father abuses him and one point he burns him with a cigar. The other four main characters parents are not physically abusive but they cannot relate to their kids so they do not understand them and force them into doing certain things that they never want to think of. At the beginning of the story, the characters are all in detention from different cliques. The friendships are based on stereotypes of teenagers. But, by the end of the story, we get to see that all the characters have the same struggles and overall a lot in common with one and other. Therefore, instead of having society divide you into certain groups based on your looks, taste, interest, people need to accept people for who they

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