Brazil Essay

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Beauty of Business in Brazil
Unknown to so many, South America is a very robust and expanding region with a population reaching close to 200 million native people as well as foreign population. South America has a very tropical climate, and the primary language in South America is Portuguese. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, and the largest country in Latin America. Brazil is an economically growing country located in northeastern part of South America. Brazil gained its independence from Portugal in 1822. Years later, in 1888 slavery was abolished in the nation. The next year in 1889,
The Brazilian Republic was established. Brazil is well-known as the world’s leader in coffee production and exportation. Brazil
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(Erlich, N. 2012) Along with its production of coffee, Brazil is also well-known for having a diversified and unique culture. The country is similar to the United States in that is considered a “melting pot” of various nationalities. The Roman Catholic faith is the most common religion of Brazilian natives. Many centuries ago European settlers introduced Catholicism to the nation. Throughout the 16th through 18th centuries numerous Portuguese settlements were established in Brazil making Portuguese the county’s official language. There is an importance placed on the family structure and values in Brazil. A person with lighter skin is considered to have an advantage over a darker skinned individual. Higher class individuals do not associate with lower class Brazilians, or those with less money. It is common for women to hold low paid positions in comparison to men in the country. Brazilians are typically loving and affectionate people. A woman kissing both cheeks is customary, while men shake hands upon meeting. When conducting business transactions, Brazilian will make an effort to get to know a person on a personal level prior to taking part in business agreements. Some etiquette expectations in Brazil are as follows, it is considered polite to bring a small gift showing appreciation to a hostess. It is also appropriate to arrive to meetings early. It is also better in Brazilian

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