Brazil 's Third Largest Nation Essays

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Introduction Brazil is the seventh largest nation by GDP today and fifth largest by size. Over the last few years, Brazil has been a point of interest for many people and companies looking to invest internationally. Brazil has shown continuous stable growth and investment profitability. Along with their large work force, natural resources, infrastructure and technological advances they are seen as an excellent opportunity for investors. Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world and has been able to maintain its growth for years. This is especially attractive for people looking to invest in land because much of Brazil’s land is underpriced and with their growing population the demand for new development will increase. The Brazilian government also encourages foreign investment through little to no restriction on the purchase of land and ensures safe ownership. Brazil has been a leader in technological innovation too with advances in energy production and alternative energy sources. They have a strong young work force and an enormous consumer market, both excellent features a potential market can have for any investor.
Historians and scientists have estimated that people have inhabited Brazil for about 8,000 years. The indigenous people were divided in to two main types of civilizations: agricultural or semi-nomadic. The early civilization did not have a major language so little is known about these populations. Once the Portuguese settled Brazil in the…

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