Brazil Wax Research Paper

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Brazilian Wax - What really happens behind the doors
We hear it throw around all the time, but when you stop and think about what actually happens when a women gets a Brazilian Wax it is quite shocking. Hair removal is nothing new to humans and women have been making homemade wax for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt and in Rome, women and men removed unwanted hair. Imagine sitting in front of a stranger with your pants down while she curiously investigates you and thinks about the best way to get rid of your hairy mess. Getting your hair ripped out from the root is simply something we do not discuss in public, but every year more and more women start getting a Brazilian Wax.
Brazilian waxing became popular in the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro in the 1970's. As women's bikinis became smaller and smaller,
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Some women feel empowered, beautiful, and sexy when being freshly waxed. Some women do it for comfort. Being hairy and menstrual cycles simply just don't get along. Many women prefer to be hairless because it helps with staying and feeling clean. Some women prefer waxing to shaving for the simple fact that waxing helps reduced ingrown hairs which could become infected and cause harm to the skin. Other women also get their monthly Brazilian wax as a way of showing their boyfriend, husband, or lovers and indirect sexual signal.
Brazilian waxing is becoming more common among younger people and in many instances it is almost a requirement. And there are certain pressures for young women that getting a Brazilian Wax is requirement and may times give the procedure a bad name. Brazilian waxing have many variations and at times it could be very complicated to choose the right one. A simple way of ensuring your esthetician does not go overboard is by simply explain how much hair you want waxed or by explaining what areas you would like to leave

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