Brazil Is The Largest Country Of South America And One Of The Most Populated Countries

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Brazil is the largest country in South America and one of the most populated countries in the world, with a population of more then 200 million people in 2015 (UNDP, 2016). Brazil’s economy is amongst the top ten in the world, largely due to its agricultural and mining sectors. Coffee, soybeans, iron ore are among the many exports of Brazil; in 2015 Brazil exported 189 billion dollars. Brazil’s government is a presidential republic and contains twenty-six states. Dilma Rousseff was recently impeached in 2016 and Michel Temer is now Brazil’s new president. President Temer hopes to end the corruption that is taking place in Brazil, despite the current allegations against him. While Brazil has one of the largest economies, they also have one of the highest economic inequalities. The severe income inequalities play a major role in the extreme poverty. According to The World Factbook, 21.4% of Brazil’s population lives in poverty and 4% lives in extreme poverty (The World Factbook, 2016). These populations of people who live in poverty are living in close proximity to those of high socio-economic status. Children currently face many issues in Brazil including, poverty, health, and education. This paper will evaluate Brazil’s poverty status, health, and education is impacting children in Brazil. This paper will also compare children’s development in Brazil to children’s development in the United States. To conclude, I will discuss what I would advocate for based on my evaluation…

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