Brazil : A Successful Globalized Economy Essay

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Brazil is known for having the potential to become a successful globalized economy, yet it has failed to meet expectations when offered the chance. These past few years have been trivial for Brazil; the visit from the Pope in 2013, the FIFA World Cup in 2014, and the upcoming Rio Olympics in 2016 were/are new opportunities that Brazil did not fail to seize this time around. These opportunities to better their economy and international relations have surfaced issues in terms of technology that Brazil will now have to face in the 2016 Olympic games. While Brazil is known for its natural resources and tourism, it ranks sixty-first in the Global Innovation Index, creating yet another obstacle for the Olympic preparations (See Exhibit_). The Olympic games are known for their constant innovation: spectacular opening and closing ceremonies, state-of-the-art-industrial venues, professional media coverage, and latest athletic gear. Thus, it is imperative that the country improves its infrastructure to support demands and capitalize on the opportunities these events will supply. The Brazilian government has already invested in the development of its infrastructure as a whole and in a strategic investment program called the Growth Acceleration Program. It syndicates public work and management initiatives, and as of 2014 it has completed 76.1 percent of its target investment. Part two of the program started in 2011 and ended in 2014 with a total of $872.3 billion invested:…

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