Brave, Smart, Or Lucky? Essay

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Brave, Smart, or Lucky?
(A review of the great epic hero Odysseus)
Throughout the span of literary history there have many different types of epic heroes and villains. An epic hero is essentially one that undergoes a series of different trials and or experiences. Most of the time an epic hero will have to endure some type of epic journey and epic tragedy. In my opinion, one of the best examples of an epic hero can be found in the story of Odysseus. Odysseus like most epic heroes has a complicated background and is one that struggles to find his purpose in life. Throughout The Odyssey we follow Odysseus on his epic journey and see how he is faced with countless tough decisions and tragedies. Often time’s epic heroes are characterized as being strong, smart, and brave. By analyzing Odysseus we can begin to understand just how he, like many epic heroes, also falls under these characteristics. The Odyssey teaches us of Odysseus’ daunting mission/journey while experiencing a significant growth of self along the way. I believe, that in one way or another, all epic heroes are strong, smart, and brave. However, I do also believe that some of their success comes from luck. Odysseus is a great example of an epic hero because he is brave, smart and lucky. To begin, let’s discuss just how Odysseus is brave, in terms of being an epic hero. It is no question that Odysseus had to endure many different horrifying challenges throughout his journey, and his life. In my opinion, there is no…

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