Essay on Brave New World : What Makes Our Society More?

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Brave New World:
What makes our Society more in Common with Brave New World? In my own understanding of this novel titled “Brave New World” written by Aldous Huxley. I will say its contents and the characters discussed have a lot in common with our society. In comparison, the Director of the Hatchery Conditioning portray the character of our governments, all staff working in the conditioning department represent our so called scientist, while all the babies cultured represent the citizens of the free world. As a matter of fact, there are major features in this novel such as total freedom, and living in luxury that really relate to what we are experiencing in our society. Although, all things seems to be going on well in the brave new world, but in reality things are falling apart. The following are the three features that I used to classify how brave new world relates to our society. The number one thing is that, brave new world presented more of broken relationship, it talks about how pleasure prevail above all other thing, and lastly it talks about how false happiness was elevated above true love. To begin with, in my own view I think brave new world presented more of broken relationship. In this novel, we can really tell that most of the people are having difficulties in exercising true relationship. As I will be talking about true relationship, I am not only limiting my point on true relationship between lovers, but I am also talking about family relationship, true…

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