Brave New World Introduction Essay

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BRAVE NEW WORLD Introduction
This novel was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932.

It is a fable about a world state in the 7th century A.F. (after Ford), where social stability is based on a scientific caste system. Human beings, graded from highest intellectuals to lowest manual workers, hatched from incubators and brought up in communal nurseries, learn by methodical conditioning to accept they social destiny. The action of the story develops round Bernard Marx, and an unorthodox and therefore unhappy alpha- plus ( something had presumably gone wrong with his antenatal treatment), who vivits a new Mexican Reservetion and brings a savage back to London. The savage is at first fascinated by the New World, but finally revolted, and
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During this period he lived in Italy and French. In 1937 he went to United states. He wrote more than 45 books and some of them are : Jesting pilate (1926),Brief candles(1930), Ape and esence (1948) and Island (1962).

During the last ten years of his life, Huxley engaged in experiments with the hallucinogenic drugs mescaline and LSD, under the supervision of a physician friend. In The doors of perception(1954), he wrote about the insights and heightened perceptions he experienced under the influence of the drugs.

Huxley was considered a citizen of the world and an inveterate traveller and a passionet student of all cultures.

Science as power

Technology has changed our lives, but science still waits. What has been taken to science by political, social and economical sources is a very small part of the actual science and a smaller part is taken to the science of future. Manhood, most of it, ignore science and don´t get involved on it. It is hard for a scientist to believe that science won´t play a more important role in society and that won´t participate in the education training,in the modification of economic and social relationships and, of course, in production and development. But all of this let us think about the pourpose of it... We have thought of a better society and if is possible to define a better society.

Scientificist ideology generates violence by itself, it is oppressive

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