Brave New World By Aldous Huxley Essay

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In the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the “New World” so to speak is a little different than ours, in ways that most of us would find morally unacceptable. Harold Bloom describes it as an odd future many of today 's conventions of proper behavior towards sexual relations intimacy and the family are removed. Instead the inhabitants of higher society engage in inconsistent sexual relations and children are encouraged to play sexual games. The society bans things like courage, self-denial and truth, to replace them with consumerism, comfort, and happiness. John’s demise was inevitable in this strange place, as his own moral purity, not his isolation, drove him to suicide in the end. In many place throughout the book, one sees examples of John’s high standards conflicting with the new and “normal” behaviors he finds in London. In one of these instances John states, "If you allowed yourselves to think of God, you wouldn 't allow yourselves to be degraded by pleasant vices. You 'd have a reason for bearing things patiently, for doing things with courage. I 've seen it with the Indians."(Huxley, 236) In this quote he speaks to Mustapha Mond, as John is absolutely fed up with his time there, he tries to convince the powerful man that the new way of life is horrible, and the old ways of science and religion are superior. John’s morals are shown in extreme contrast many other times as well, when he believes that the negro villain of the movie he watches with Lenina is…

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