Bernard Marx And John Gardner: A Comparative Analysis

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Many characters in novels go through the process in seeking more insight and discovery’s of ones self. As evident in two novels, two characters go through the needs to find themselves for who they truly are. Bernard Marx from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and Grendel from Grendel by John Gardner both go through the process of self-discovery. Grendel and Bernard are different from society. They both seek for answers on why the world is how it is, why they are who they are, and they both have a will to accomplish their goal through the means of discovering more about themselves. Society causes Bernard and Grendel to question about their existent which highlights their process on trying to find ones true self.
In both books, both protagonists
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Bernard Marx is attempting to make sense of why he detests such large numbers of things, and why he is viewed as unique in relation to the next Alpha. For instance, when Bernard was attempting to find out why he is who he is, he discovers the Director, Thomas, who answers his inquiry by saying "When you were by and large hereditarily built, an excess of liquor was put into your container when you were still a fetus" (Huxley 58). This clarifies why Bernard was unique in relation to his caste. Equally important, Grendel additionally attempts to figure out why he is who he is, and his motivations in life. Case in point, when Grendel seeks the Dragon for answers, the winged serpent said "My advice to you, my violent friend, is to seek out gold and sit on it" (Gardner 74). The mythical beast advised Grendel to fundamentally discover his motivation in life and guard it. This affects Grendel on levels that later on states himself as a brute existent. The dragon also informs Grendel that he is who he is because he was chosen to be so, and if he is not able to do the job, he could easily be replaced. Therefore, both characters try their best to find out who they really are, and

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