Essay about Brave New World And 1984

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In Brave New World and 1984, both text share the common feature that the power holder uses advanced technology to control their citizen. In terms of controlling the mass people, the way of technology use are vary according to the hegemonic idea or main policy. In these two text, hegemonic idea are completely different which Brave New World is based on extreme consumerism society management and in 1984, they manage society by totalitarian ideology. The difference in core policy for the society management has huge influence in technology use. When people see each technology use in the text, both text suggest the harshness or the dark side of the society system but, by comparing the mass people reactions to the society system and technology use suggest which society uses technology better than another. Perspective from the achievement of greatest happiness of the greatest number, technology use in Brave New World is much more effective than 1984. Although the technology used in 1984 seems much easier way to control society which they use fear to control, in Brave New World, society works more mechanically and heavy manipulation to the citizen is much effective way to control society in a long term. Firstly, society system of Brave New World able to avoid any major conflicts among the society which society of 1984 could not achieve. To manage effective and stable society, avoid conflicts among the citizen or conflict to the power holder which makes huge difference to social…

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