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Analyzing HUL Brands
Functional Benefit, Emotional Benefit and Differentiation

Homecare brands Home Care Brands | Brand | Functional Benefit | Emotional Benefit | Differentiation | Active Wheel(Bar+Powder) | Provides for a clean wash without harming the hands | Wheel transforms washing from a tedious experience to a delightful one | Combined with the strength of lemon and the fragrance of a thousand flowers | Rin (Bar+Powder+Bleach) | Removes the yellow faded colour from white clothes | White clothes set a good impression on people, and give one the confidence | Provides much more whiter clothes than competitors | Sunlight Detergent | Provides cleaning and stain removal without harming the
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Reduces rinsing effort and adds shine | Reduces worry of using too much water for washing when water supply is restricted | First of its kind product in the category |

Food and Beverages:

Food and Beverages Brands | Brand | Functional Benefit | Emotional Benefit | Differentiation | Annapurna (Salt + Atta) | A salt that contains the right amount of iodine for health | Provides the homemaker the satisfaction of cooking tasty, nutritious food for her family | only salt which can trap the iodine that escapes from food while cooking | Annapurna Atta | Made from best quality wheat, that ensures tasty and soft rotis | | The unique aroma and softness result in rotis that melt in one’s mouth | Kissan(Jam+Sauces+ Juice+Squash) | Made from 100% real natural products. Helps consumers enjoy tastier food with supplements that are richer, yummier and healthier | Mothers don’t have to worry about their child’s growth with them eating Kissan products. Because Kissan lets every child enjoy what they love to eat & helps them grow | Made from 100% real ingredients | Knorr | Get restaurant like tasty food across

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