Essay Brandon 's Wedding 's Effect On Me

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Brandon’s Wedding’s Effect On Me During the span of 5 days, I realized how I want to live my life. I started my trip September 10th to go to my cousin Brandon’s wedding. The wedding was in Wisconsin and it was a very chilly couple of days, especially the day before and day of the wedding. Only a select few members of the family weren’t attending. During this trip, I realized how important family and God is to our lives. On September 10th, I arrived in Wisconsin at about 11 a.m. My mom and I got a rental car and drove to the hotel and waited for my grandma to land. We had to go pick her up at the airport at 7, so we got there a little before since the car we rented was a little strange. As I was waiting for a different car, I turned around and my grandma was running up to me to give me a hug. She asked me how I had been and told me that my mom had the car so we went out to the car and were on our way back to the hotel. We put her stuff in the room and decided to go walk around Milwaukee, since we were staying in the downtown Milwaukee area. By the time we got out to walk around, it was dark so everything was lit up with the bright downtown lights. The sight was amazing, especially the riverwalk. After walking around for awhile we decided to eat at an Italian restaurant and I got the chicken fettuccine and my mom and grandma got the pizza. Both meals were fantastic, in fact a couple of guys sitting beside us were asking us what we got since it smelled and looked so good.…

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