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Brand Extension

If you have ever named a boat, a pet or a child, you know how difficult it can be to choose the right name. Despite the importance of the decision, the process seems hit-and-miss and there seem to be few guidelines for getting it right. After agonizing over lists of alternatives, you reject all but one, with no sense of certainty. Later the name seems inevitable – how could you have considered any other name?
The Challenge of Naming
The naming challenge is compounded in a business environment, where anointing a company with a name is likely to be just the first of many labeling decisions. Products, business units, specific services, marketing programs, features, line extensions, apps, web sites and more all need
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In practice, these are just two of many possible models. Most brands use a hybrid approach. Some companies get in trouble by trying to support too many brands, logos, and features. Conversely, some companies suffer from the opposite problem, by offering too few brands; when one brand must bear all the burden, meaning can become diluted and growth is limited.
Here are three questions to help determine whether you have optimized your brand architecture: * Is there enough ‘daylight’ between your portfolio brands? Does each stand for something unique? * Is the role of each brand in the portfolio and its relationship to the other brands clear? * Is it clear which brands are ‘strategic,’ and therefore worthy of investment, and which are lower priority?
If the answer to any question is ‘no,’ it may be time to take a closer look at your brand architecture.
Issues in Brand Architecture
Every company should revisit its brand architecture periodically to prune the dead branches and ensure the remaining ones still bear relevant fruit. More commonly, brand architecture explorations are triggered by a business event or marketing need. Here are some of the most common situations that call for a closer examination of architecture.
1. New! Improved! (New product or line extension)
Even Apple has to think carefully when naming its new products and models to avoid proliferation, yet maximize the

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