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Branding: Manuscript for Rita Clifton

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.

Topic: Branding


First of all, let me say to all of you what a pleasure it is to be able to be here today. My name is Rita Clifton, and I am here in behalf of Interbrand. And I must say, it is certainly pleasing to see that you young people are studying something so important in this world today. Consider yourselves blessed. Let me start by telling you this great quote from the great legend himself, Walter Landor.

"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind."

Now this quote is everything in the business world. Now why is that? Some of you are probably thinking, ”why does it
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Branding is important. Building a relationship with your costumers is important. I will talk about these topics, and if you have any questions, please tell me so. There are only stupid questions, not answers. (Laugh) Oh, I think it’s the other way around. (Laugh) I forgot to drink my coffee this morning? A question that might pop into your young brains could be “so what does a company really get from branding and building a relationship with customers?” Actually it is really simple. Costumers are the most important people for any company. They are the reason we generate profit. Any company can generate profit – but if you have your costumers’ heart and they believe your company to be the best, they will naturally come towards you like the bees come to the flowers. Think about that. Stronger relationship = more trust. It is logical to build a brand upon people’s trust and loyalty. Plus having more money ain’t hurting nobody (wide smile) * A. Now, there are some problems with branding that is crucial to discuss and understand. You see, companies can also get bad reputation instead of good reputation, even if they try. We cannot always control the outcome of any kind of bad rep. Let me give you a classic example. What do you think of when I say BURBERRY? Do you think of class? Sophistication? Or do you think something completely on the contrary – like “something that hooligans would wear”? Your opinions may vary, and that is

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