Branding Is More Than A Fancy Logo Essay

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These days branding is more than a fancy logo. Branding is a promise and great brands keep that promise every time.

It’s the point of difference that sets us apart from our competitors, but it 's also how we create an emotional connection with our customer. The perception our customers form and ultimately if that perception is costing us sales by giving them the wrong impression in relation to our competitors.

Ultimately our brand is not what we say it is, it really is what our customers say it is.

So let us start by asking ourselves 3 simple questions…Who are we? What do we do? and most importantly why does it matter? Until we can answer those and create a service that our your customers find irresistible and are willing to pay a premium for, we haven’t got a brand. So what gives Flicks its raison d’être? That is our brand!

As a creative service brand, we need to look at how we are different from our competitor, what is our brand experience and that those brand values are marketed internally ensuring any customer has a consistent and authentic experience and in turn promotes positive perception.

In a highly competitive video production market, it’s critical that we focus on what sets us apart from the competition. Differentiation is the driver of any brand success. Without an obvious and declared differentiation, it can be difficult for potential customers to detect how we are different and even harder for them to choose us as their first preference.…

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