Branding Importance

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Branding is one of the most important aspects for any business in marketing.
It is the process of creating a unique name and image of a product or service in the mind of consumers. Branding is an important marketing tool used to stimulate recognition when a product is branded. It develops a personality and a reputation. A successful branding campaign results in a name, design, logo or other recognizable symbol that stand out among its competitors. Its aim is to generate a significant and differentiated presence in the market that’s attracts and retains repeated customers. Branding defines what a company represents, the promise it made to serve its customers and the personality it forecast.

Examples of famous branding name are:
 Adidas
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• In today’s global market, it is important to stand away from the crowd. Branding is the most important aspect of any business large or small.
• Branding helps to be able to compete with competitors, add value to the products and services as well as build a good relation with the customers.
• Branding is a good way to make a company offer different product and services and to be more desirable than anyone else.
• An effective branding makes a product have a unique character.
• If a branding is easy to recognize, this will help customers feel more at ease to purchase the product.
• A proper and clear branding makes a customer at ease when buying the product and services, as they know exactly what to expect each and every-time they experience it.
• It is important to note that your brand represent your company, as branding are the main connectors between the company and its customers.
• A good brand strategy helps to fulfill the mission and vision of the company.
• Research has proved that branding have a powerful role, especially in industrial market, where it is difficult to maintain meaningful differentiation on the goods quality or
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(2) Loyalty
Consumers are loyal to that company because of the brand.

(3) Familiarity
The popularity of the brand has a big effect on the non-customer as their closed ones use that brand's product; they see the ads on local buses.

(4) Premium Price
People wants to pay more to buy a particular product of a brand rather to those of competitors.

(5) Extension
With a well-established brand, company can produce new products.

(6) Greater company equity
With a brand name, company can get more money when the owner decides to sell it.

(7) For Consumers, less risk
A confused customer tends to buy a brand's product over a no-branded product.

DRAWBACKS OF BRANDING  Expensive to Design
Designing and creating is expensive and also time consuming.

 Difficult to maintain
It is not always easy for companies to maintain brand identity. Marketers must always be careful of not tarnishing their brand identity.  Difficult and Expensive to change
Changing and modifying brand identity is difficult as customers will be doubtful about the

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