Brand Strategy For A Company Or Organization Based On The Target Audience

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Brand Strategy is simply long-term marketing supporting the image of a company or organization which based on the target audience. Brand strategy must include the understanding of the consumer’s needs and wants of the brand. For some, they believe that they can sell a product without developing an effective brand strategy. Although a product or service is supposed to represent a positive experience and with a strong brand strategy it will successfully launch off of the market. When a consumer purchases a product, it is not based solely off of the product, they have to keep in mind the price and especially the brand. The brand leaves consumers with consumer inputs, emotions, memories and facts that remain in their mind. (Denari) Following this statement, companies have to develop an effective brand strategy in order for the consumer to connect their needs and wants to that specific brand.
What it is? Brand represents meaning. More Specifically, your brand is the sum of various meanings that your audience carries with them in their mind and in their hearts. It is everything that your audience and prospective consumers think, feel, say, hear, read, watch, imagine, suspect, and even hope about the organization or company. (Middleton 2)
What it is not? When people think about a brand, there are many misconceptions that follow causing the definition to become a mystery or a complex statement. Customers think that brand is a part of marketing terms, such as advertising and logos.…

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