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LANCASTER UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SCHOOL | Report On the Case Study Analysis on Canadian Club Whisky – The ‘Damn Right Campaign’ - | MKTG403 (2) – Consumer Behavior Dr Maria Piacentini MSc in Advanced Marketing Management 2010/11 | | Group 3: Chen-Ni-Chu,Panayiotis Papachristofilou, Matthew Poysden, Jekaterina Rindt, Dina Tulenova, Shayatri Vishwanath | December, 2010 |

„Nostalgia is deeply implicated in our sense of who we are, what we are about, and (though possibly with
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Publicly consumed alcohol drinks by young males are laden with symbolic meanings, shared and continiuously (re-)constructed socially within a consumer’s context, demonstrating that the “consumer often relies upon the social information inherent in products to shape self-image and to maximize the quality of role performance “ (Solomon 1983, p.320), thereby using products for “carry[ing] out [his] self-creation project” (Wattanasuwan,2005,p.179). Even greater in its influence on directing behavior than the desire to create the ideal social-self, is the “push of the undesired self” (Banister & Hogg, 2001, p.242), as emerged in the case of males actively dis-sociating themselves from the perception of ‘softness’-implying cues such as a metrosexual appearance or holding ‘pink girly cocktails’, supporting Bourdieu’s idea (1984, in Wattanasuwan,2005, p.182) of aiming at avoiding “guilt by association”.
Consumption occurs always within the system of an” individual’s social ecology” (Solomon, 1983, p.320, in which the individual tries to intra- and inter- balance the different selves and reference-group influences, as is demonstrated below:

Considering whisky as a publicly consumed luxury good (as even if purchased off-premise, it is likely to be consumed in a social

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