Essay on Brand Positioning

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Essay 4
Key drivers of product positioning:
Image: Key factor that boosts the ego of the user thereby adding to the ‘feel good’ factor.
Value: This is the core indicator of brand positioning.
Price: This is an extremely important factor while positioning a product especially in price sensitive markets such as developing and emerging markets.
Features: This is one of the most imperative factors to be taken into account while positioning a brand or a product as it is directly linked to driving a product’s value, perceived or otherwise.
Brands and their positioning: 1. Vertu: This is an iconic brand positioned at the top of the price chain due to its super premium image. In terms of features, it has very few and technologically
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More and more yunger users are switching to the brand. Again due to its loyal audience and specialized features pricing is not am important factor. 4. Nokia: Once an iconic brand Nokia is still poitioned in the mid to hugh priced brand due to its tough and user friendly image. Being the first brand to use common charger and battery for most models, Nokia gained great market shre worldwide and still continues to do so but the shares are declining. Not a brand know for its design and features, Nokia does not attain price levels like the iPhone or blackberry inspite of the high market shares it has been challenged by mere aggressive brands like Samsung, LG , Motorola etc. 5. Samsung: Brand which was considered and some years back has pushed itself closer to Nokia and demands a similar price postioning. Due to its smart styling and good build and finish it has managed to push itself higher in postioning Samsung, some years back opened new form factors namely sliders and flip phones and attained dominance in those categories, this also helped in cementing its image as a serious ball player. 6. Fly: A local player in the Russian deration and CIS has created a niche on design and features targeting younger audience who are willing to try new brands. It has managed to position itself as a strong value brand. Since the core audiences are youngsters, pricing is a key factor. Pricing sharply and providing high end features, it manages to be high on value which

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