Brand Positioning Designing Product Offerings And Marketing Programs

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Brand positioning entails designing product offerings and marketing programs that can establish an enduring competitive advantage in the target market by creating a unique brand image or position in the customer’s mind. This is a challenge to effectively conquer because you must carefully analysis preexisting competitive forces that are already offering solutions to customers ' needs and wants and subsequently develop a message for your brand that will make a lasting impression. As the text emphasizes, "Positioning comprises both competitive and customer considerations.
Saxonville Sausage wanted to increase their sales for their Italian line of sausages. After surveying a pool of consumers through a week 's worth of small group interviews, they explored several market positioning approaches and narrowed down their options to four main positions.
As a new marketer hired to transform the marketing outlook of Saxonville Sausage, Ann Banks began by first getting as much background information as she could possibly gather. Banks had to ensure she had analyzed the situation from every angle in order to convince the company 's owners of her solution to existing marketing problems. She reviewed ten years worth of market research and financial data. Banks then developed a cross-functional team known as "Project Score" comprised of representatives from research and development, graphic design, and marketing and sales department in order to gain opinions from each business units to…

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