Brand Perception Of Nokia Essay

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Qualitative research and analysis methods were used to assess the depth interview
(Appendix 1) conducted on the fourth of February, 2011, with Mr. Pekka Somerto, the
Vice President of Nokia’s Brand and Marketing Portfolio Management. The interview was conducted at Nokia’s headquarters in Keilaniemi and it lasted for approximately an hour. The interview consisted of thirteen questions and the purpose was to find out about the brand identity Nokia tries to create with their marketing. The questions asked were chosen based on the literature discussed in the literature review, and with the overall goal of improving Nokia’s marketing strategies for smart phones from the branding perspective. The results of the interview not only helped in reaching the research objective, but they also provided useful ideas and additional questions for the consumer survey.


To find out consumers’ brand perceptions of Nokia, quantitative research and analysis methods were utilized. An online consumer survey (Appendix 2) was created with the
Qualtrics-software and distributed to approximately 400 people in Finland and

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