Essay about Brand "I"

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Brand “I”

Branding Assignment

Brand “I”

Submitted to: Melanie Shapiro
Subject: MRKT 610 (Branding)
Submitted by: Anuj Majmudar
Anuj Majmudar (0905860)

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Brand “I”

What is Brand?
Brand is what we establish our identity with a consumer and defining our business. It basically communicates the characteristics of the company to the market. It also help us to stand out in the competitive market, were we can generate growth of the company which in results lead to higher revenue. However, to be able to successfully exploit the benefits of a strong brand, we have to ensure that it is well positioned in the marketplace.
Therefore, if we want to develop a good brand in the market there
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The target audience may be prospective employers, owners or Human Resource Managers from different cultures or societies. All of them will be able to find following factors in me:

Providing variety, where my ROLES and RESPONSIBILITY changes over time.

Providing solutions to my colleagues, piers and employers whenever required with constant COMMUNICATION.

Providing solutions with creative LEADERSHIP styles at my future workplace.

Providing answers to all queries with innovative ideas and BRAINSTORMING exercises.

Anuj Majmudar (0905860)

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Brand “I”

Target Audience for Brand in Social Context:
 The solution provided by me will not be self-centered solution that is, it will not be taken on the basis of my own social background but it will surely be answering to clients’ problems and also will cause social betterment.

 Partly dedication will be offered towards society as the success, recognition and credibility society has given me must be returned to the society in some or other positive manner.

Point of Uniqueness and Competitive advantage of “I” brand:
Point of difference means, it is something that makes me different from my competitors and also what my prospective employers actually wants from me. Mainly it’s easy

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